Free Consultation

A person cleaning a floor

A free cleaning consultation, available to organisations in Leeds and West Yorkshire

Would you like some *free* advice regarding what would be the best option for your organisation’s cleaning needs?

And that advice may be – it would be cheaper and better for you not to use our services, so please don’t hire us.

We are now offering a free one hour cleaning consultation to any organisation in West Yorkshire. No catches. No contracts. No obligations on either of our sides. Simply us coming to your facility, viewing areas you want cleaned and telling you what we think the best solution would be.

That could be that we’re able to clean for you and – if requested – can send you a no obligation, no pressure to accept it quote.

But it could be that “These carpets are beyond our ability to clean, we advise that you replace them”, “You only need a cleaner for an hour or two a week; it isn’t economical for us to do this job unless we charge you a higher price than is fair so we advise that you hire someone direct instead” or “This is a small and easy job, so buy these cleaning products, do it yourself and save your money”.

Since 2006 we’ve been working for organisations and individuals throughout West Yorkshire cleaning offices, communal areas, homes, carpets, hard floors, portable cabins and more. During that time we’ve built up a huge reservoir of cleaning knowledge and this is your chance to tap into that for no charge.

This extends into every area including the length of time it takes to clean various things, appropriate chemicals, machinery, staffing issues and what can’t be cleaned (e.g. certain stains).

Alternatively, it may be that you want a deeper analysis of your cleaning needs and if that’s you we offer a more in-depth cleaning consultation for a fee (but your first hour will still be free!).

But either way, we are available to advise you on your cleaning needs so if you’re interested please contact us on 07886 855514 to arrange an appointment or find out more.

Last updated: July 18, 2022