Floor Cleaning

A person cleaning a floorFloor cleaning in Leeds and West Yorkshire

Are you wanting to get your floors (or just one of them) professionally cleaned? If so, we can provide a floor cleaning service to organisations and individuals in Leeds and West Yorkshire using appropriate mechanised cleaning machines.

We can clean several surface types including wood, tiles, vinyl and marble. Our professional staff are trained in how to clean different surfaces effectively, using the most appropriate techniques and equipment and in removing stains without damaging the surface.

How it works

Floor cleaning generally takes three stages of work. First, scrubbing the floor with a buffer machine. Second, removing water from the surface using a second machine and third, polishing the surface with a third machine. We can also wax the floor if asked to.

This process not only leaves floors looking cleaner and brighter but can remove gum and stains such as red wine (although we can offer no guarantees with this as like with carpets some stains can be permanent, but we will try our best to get as much up as possible).

The process will leave no streaks or lines and we are careful to ensure that floors are not left slippery even after buffing.

A little about us and what we can (and can’t) offer

We are a commercial cleaning business founded in 2006. Please take a look at our pledge page to see some of the things we offer you and our testimonials page for comments from customers.

Our hard working staff are DBS (criminal record) checked, uniformed and trained in health and safety procedures. They work in a safe and non-intrusive manner.

Please note that as we are cleaners and not restorers we are unable to offer any floor restoration services should you be wanting that as well.

We can offer this service on its own or combine it with another, for example if you are from a business and want us to deep clean your facility at the same time.

If you would like to discuss your floor cleaning requirements with us please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions and, if you wish, arrange to visit you and provide a no-obligation quote.

Floor cleaning photos

From this…

A floor before it was cleanedAnother photo of a floor before it was cleaned

…to this…

A floor after it was cleanedAnother photo of a floor after it was cleaned